Do enjoy this shop, for like most villages we have lost so many over the years, including a pub, The Newburgh, and post office. We are therefore extremely fortunate that village enthusiasm and effort have been able to create the Forge Shop & Café. This is operated with the assistance of many village volunteers.

In Top Road we also have Janet Upton’s Pottery and Robin Upton’s famous Pumpkin Farm and The Spur Inn on the edge of the village on the A29.

Since 2007 a Farmers Market has taken place at the Coronation Hall, which now takes place on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Remains of the infamous Smuggler’s Inn, The Dog & Partidge remain the village crossroads near the A29.

In the past however there were many shops both general and specialised. Most survive as homes – see if you can place them as you go round the village.
Village ShopTea GardensSlindon Old Post OfficeLime Tree HousePost OfficeVineries

This features the former Newburgh Arms and a now demolished shoemaker and sweet shop and house.


The infamous Smugglers Inn, The Dog & Partridge lay in the background amongst the buildings on the right, to the south of the A29

Dog and Partridge