Cricket Bat. Photo: Fay PendellThe Grange and its Dairy 1890s
Legend has it that for several centuries’ shepherds played a form of Cricket on the Downs whilst tending their sheep.

However it became formalised in the 18th Century when Slindon claimed to be the founder of the game as we recognise it today.

The Slindon Team under the patronage of the Duke of Richmond defeated the England Team.

The famous Newland Brothers, Richard, John & Adam played for England in 1744. The Family lived at The Grange in Church Hill for some 300 years

A Newland nephew, Richard Nyren went to Hambledon, Hampshire and set out the governing rules for the Game, which is why they are up there with Slindon as the birthplace of Cricket.
Slindon Fair Day 1863Slindon Cricket Club 1938Cricket Team 1980