Recent Explorations

Worthing Archaeology Society Field Unit
The Field Unit of the Worthing Archaeological Society has a hut at the Slindon Base Camp where they store their equipment and carry out finds processing. They are always keen to cooperate with the National Trust to help them assess and evaluate the many archaeological features on the Estate.

During the last few years they have carried out several excavations and surveys across the estate. They are also involved in projects recording burial records, listing the Estate buildings, tracing wartime features, plotting the Cellars at Slindon College and clearing the Stable Block. In addition, some members are pursuing document research, at the West Sussex Record Office and elsewhere, to unearth more of Slindon’s rich history and put it online.

Here are some of the projects they have been involved with in recent years.

  • A Survey of the Slindon House Conservatory, Cellar and Gardens
  • The Park Pale
  • Wartime Slindon
  • The Saw Pit
  • A Roman Settlement
  • The Stable Block
  • Slindon Buildings
  • Burial records